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Wisdom Works

We're spending the summer in the book of James


How does the lens of eternity with Christ change how we view and deal with the world around us?


"Hurry is the great enemy of the spiritual life in our day. You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life." - Dallas Willard

Reluctant Jonah

Tim Mackie argues Jonah is unique among the prophetic books in that the life of Jonah is meant to be a mirror in which we can glimpse our own hangups in pursuing God’s mission.

New Year 2024

Simeon and Anna waited to see the Messiah. And we wait with great hope and expectation.

Missing Peace

Advent 2023!


God's Will for You

In this Thanksgiving season, we focus on God's will for us: to rejoice always, to give thanks, and to pray without ceasing.

Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

A journey through Pete Scazarro's book, Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

Together: Romans 12

A four week series as we look at who we are as a body of Christ, our identity, and who we are to each other- in community. 

Radiant: The 7 Churches of Revelation

In the book of Revelation, John details seven churches, each demonstrating a way we are to be lampposts to the world around us.

The Story Behind Our Story

To know who we are and where we are meant to go, it's good to remind ourselves where we came from, where we've been, WHOSE we are. Join us for this study through Genesis as we look back on the stories that have led to the story of our lives today.

Amazing Ambassadors of Racial Reconciliation

Drawing from her wonderful new book, Color Courageous Discipleship, we are overjoyed to have had Michelle T. Sanchez here at LifeSpring to share with us about the four levels of creation and how Jesus guides us to reconciliation on every level.


We spent the first part of 2023 deconstructing various aspects of faith. People inside and outside of faith are deconstructing right now- breaking down what we believe, why we believe it, how we came to believe it. It's actually a crucial part of growth in Christ! The key is to build back whatever you deconstruct- build it back better, more holistically and truly and fully in the image of Christ.

Where the Light Falls

At Christmastime, we looked at light coming into the darkness: how light brings hope in the longing, brings presence into suffering, how with light you can go from lost to found.